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About the Artists : James and Ingrid

Born and raised in London, UK, James Hourigan  has had a lengthy and very successful career in education  and appreciates taking time to do something different, like stone carving.

His interest in stone began during travels to the great cathedrals of France and ancient sites in South America.  More recently birds and  plants found in English gardens and waterways have taken his interest.

Ingrid Johannesson enjoyed a wonderful teaching career for many years in Cape Town, South Africa, before relocating to the UK to work as a nanny/tutor. She has made clay objects and sculptures for many years, and began working on the wheel to create small bowls. 

Her work is varied, with each unique sculpture created from her imagination. 

She also enjoys drawing with pen and ink, and dabbles in other crafts too.

Both James and Ingrid are inspired by nature.

They enjoy walks in the countryside, travel and food, as well as their new life in Bath, UK, having relocated from London in early 2020. Both have a zest for Life and make the most of their free time to be creative and relax with stone and clay.

James Hourigan and Ingrid Johannesson

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